The Team Coaching Sponsor’s Responsibilities

The team coaching sponsor’s responsibilities are key to the success of the stakeholder team coaching programme.

The team sponsor is normally the team manager’s boss or may even be their boss. The more involved and ‘bought in’ they are, the more successful the programme is likely to be.

Team Coaching Sponsor’s Responsibilities

To ensure success of the coaching programme, the team coaching sponsor’s role includes:

  • Providing clear direction for the programme and to ensure it links with the organisation’s overall strategy.
  • Championing the coaching programme  at the executive level.
  • Securing programme budget.
  • Staying engaged throughout the process, providing feedback on mini-survey reports.
  • Attending the kick-off meeting and the final meeting at which the last mini-survey results are reviewed.
  • Providing appropriate rewards and praise for team outcomes.
Team coaching sponsor's responsibilities

Team coaching sponsor’s responsibilities


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