Stakeholder Team Coaching Process 

Our stakeholder team coaching process is easy to follow and comes with a no-gain-no-fee guarantee.

The following steps describe an outline of our 12 month no-gain-no-fee stakeholder team coaching process. As long as the programme is set up and followed correctly and the team is checked for ‘coachability’ before you begin, we guarantee there will be significant positive change.

Outline Coaching Process for Teams

  • The coach explains the top level process to the team leader and team sponsor.
  • Together, they agree on expectations, likely benefits and responsibilities.
  • Many clients choose to run a team profiling inventory at this stage. We recommend our own Global Leader Of The Future Assessment. However, if you prefer another, we can use that instead.
  • Team kick-off workshop (normally 2-days). The workshop demonstrates the top level benefits and the process to the team. It is also a good way to test the coachability of the team and the suitability of the coach. Participants agree:
    • both a team and individual goal,
    • the benefits of achieving these goals,
    • get feedback and feedforward, and
    • ‘buddy up’ with a team member coach to help them during and outside of the formal meetings.
  • Two-hour team session, once a month – normally as part of a team meeting – where each team member receives feedback and feedforward, prepares a short action plan, and checks in with their ‘coach buddy’. Any challenges and opportunities are addressed.
  • Repeat monthly activity over the course of the programme.
  • Every 3 months, run confidential mini-survey and hold a team meeting to review the survey results and plan for upcoming months.
  • At the end of the 12 months, there is a final confidential mini-survey.
  • The formal programme comes to a close with a team meeting to review survey results, programme, learning and related actions, and plan their ongoing development.


Stakeholder Team Coaching Process.

Stakeholder Team Coaching Process.


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