Coaching Process for Coaching Teams

The following steps describe the basics of our 12 month team “no gain, no fee” team coaching process.¬†Provided the steps are followed the team will almost always achieve positive change.

Coaching Process for Teams

Team Coaching Process

Team Coaching Process

Month 1

  1. Agree on expectations with team sponsor/leader
  2. Prepare for Team Kick-Off Meeting
  3. Run Kick-Off Meeting
  4. Meet individually with team members to action plan

Months 2-4

  1. Once a month, hold a 30-minute meeting with each team member
  2. Review notes prior to each meeting
  3. Have a 30 minute coaching session
  4. Capture discussion, action items, commitments
  5. Be available for helping individuals for key situations

Month 5

  1. Same as Months 2-4
  2. Run Mini-Survey

Month 6

  1. Team Meeting to review survey results and plan for upcoming months
  2. Continue monthly check-in with each team member

Month 7-11

  1. Same as Months 2-6
  2. In Month 11, run second Mini-Survey

Month 12

  1. Team Meeting to review final Mini-Survey results and plan transition/next steps (After Action Assessment)

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MGSCC Team Coaching Process

MGSCC Team Coaching Process