The Coach’s Role in Stakeholder Team Coaching

The coach’s role is the lynchpin throughout the stakeholder team coaching process.

The coach’s role during stakeholder team coaching programmes includes assessing the team’s suitability at the start, then making sure the programme runs smoothly.

The Coach’s Responsibilities

  • Explain the team coaching process to help all those involved to develop realistic and effective monthly action plans for team and individual  growth, and therefore achieve or overachieve their expectations from the programme.
  • For the first month of the programme being available to answer any unresolved questions about the programme by Skype, phone or email.
  • Following the first month, being available after each monthly session to answer any group or individual questions.
  • Returning voice calls or e-mail within 24 hours (unless already booked unavaiability).
  • Providing guidance that fits the needs of the business, sponsor, team leader and individual team members.
  • Provide appropriate motivation, encouragement, reinforcement, and support.
  • Challenging all those taking part when needed.
  • Acting as a positive role model throughout the programme.
  • Fulfilling all mutually agreed expectations as a coach.
Stakeholder Team Coaching. The Coach's Role

Stakeholder Team Coaching. The Coach’s Role


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