Stakeholder Centered Coaching Offers Guaranteed and Measurable Leadership and Team Growth

We can introduce you to top MGSCC coaches in the UK and worldwide and / or develop a complete international programme for you.

The best people to coach the leader (or team) are often their stakeholders. However, this is unlikely to happen without the right process, coaching, on-going support and follow-up. We provide that process, certified coaching, support and the follow up needed to make your programme a success.

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Stakeholder Centered Coaching®Approach

  • Aligns coaching to agreed business outcomes
  • Clear and transparent process
  • Regular progress reviews
  • Clear ROI with “No Growth No Pay Guarantee”
  • Improves leader’s leadership brand

We can provide the 12 month programme on a no growth, no pay basis. You only pay at the end when you’ve achieved the results agreed at the beginning.

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Benefits of Stakeholder Leadership Coaching

Benefits for Leaders

  1. Improvement in the area chosen.
  2. Improved coaching skills.
  3. Ability to coach oneself.
  4. Improved perception by others, together with own reputation and brand.
  5. Potential career advancement for both the leader and his/her reports.

Benefits for Human Resources

  1. A proven and repeatable process. We can coach your people to embed the process in your culture.
  2. An effective measurement and feedback process to justify the investment.
  3. Personal career advancement.
Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Results from 11,000 business leaders in 6 multinational companies on 4 continents. Source: Leadership is a contact sport Strategy & Business September 2004.

See MGSCC’s partial client list and client testimonials.

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Leadership Coaching

Our internationally proven Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching® Leadership Programs help leaders to achieve what they and their stakeholders want, with a no growth, no pay guarantee. 

Programmes can be local, national and international.

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Team Coaching

Team coaching is a highly effective, cost efficient way of developing the team leader and the team, whilst strongly aligning them to their stakeholders, with a no growth, no pay guarantee. 

Programmes can be local, national and international.

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Individual Coaching 

For high potential individuals we offer a series of NLP and Stakeholder Coaching programmes.

We start with 3 No Charge Discovery Sessions, so you can evaluate how you would benefit and whether we’re a good fit.

Culture Change

We can combine our leadership, team and individual coaching to produce an exceptionally effective and measureable culture change programme.

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Coaching Research

We’re working in conjunction with the Henley Business School to explore how companies can increase the value they receive from coaching. Read more about out Coaching Research.

What Others Say

“Michael is an excellent executive coach to work with.

He is very skillful and experienced in using Marshall’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching process and brings in a wealth of experience and coaching tools as well. And in true Marshall style he is very committed to deliver measurable leadership growth based on No Growth, No Pay for yearlong coaching programs.

He delivers excellent value during every leadership development programme.

– Will Linssen, MGSCC Master Certified Coach & Practice Leader for APAC & Europe  

“I have worked with Michael in many situations where his creative approach to getting the most from the team he is coaching adds to both their business skills and personal capabilities.

His relaxed, yet highly motivational, expertise in building a change culture is superb.”

– John Whitworth, Vice President, Sales Effectiveness and Customer Satisfaction at BT

“Working with Marshall Goldsmith – Stakeholder Centered Coaching has been highly engaging.

We learnt practical and actionable ways for leaders to get better”

– Jack Stoltzfus, Ph.D. , Manager of Talent Development, 3M Company

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