Leadership Development Areas

These leadership development areas, together with our free leadership self assessment, will give you a starting point for your own leadership development Programme.

These leadership development areas initially resulted from research with MGSCC and Accenture, updated with the areas that current leaders have chosen to work on. Reading about what other leaders have wanted to improve and our free leadership self assessment will give you a starting point for your own leadership development programme. We recommend you follow this with our full 360 Global Leadership assessment.


Leadership Development Areas

We’re all leaders. Whether we’re leading ourselves, teams, divisions, companies, or multi-nationals.

This research by Accenture and Dr Marshall Goldsmith gives us a great starting point to discover the leadership development areas that will make real difference to both our and our stakeholders’ success.

Leadership Assessment – Limited Time Offer

We’re currently offering an opportunity for leaders and aspiring leaders, to check how they compare in our 15 competency areas. We’re offering the  opportunity to complete our self assessment at no charge.

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Competencies Framework: 15 Leadership Competencies in 5 Categories.

The 5 Emerging Competencies are shown in blue. Coaching leadership development areas are usually a subset of these competences.


1. Demonstrating integrity.
2. Encouraging constructive dialogue.
3. Creating a shared vision.

Engaging people

1. Developing people.
2. Building partnerships.
3. Sharing leadership.

Boundary-less inclusion

1. Empowering people.
2. Thinking globally.
3. Appreciating diversity.

Assure success

1. Developing technological savvy.
2. Ensuring customer satisfaction.
3. Maintaining a competitive advantage.

Continuous change

1. Achieving personal mastery.
2. Anticipating opportunities.
3. Leading change.

A selection of the leadership development areas our clients choose


  1. Communicate / listen better.
  2. Include others’ opinions in my decision making.
  3. Be more assertive.
  4. Manage conflict constructively and effectively.
  5. Influence / persuasion.

Developing organisational culture & leaders

  1. Manage diversity.
  2. Build cross-functional relationships.
  3. Cross cultural management.
  4. Stand up to people undermining teamwork.
  5. Collaborate better.
  6. Build trust with stakeholders.
  7. Executive presence.
  8. Drive team / culture change.
  9. Self-confidence.

Managing performance

  1. Delegate effectively.
  2. Empower direct reports.
  3. Execution for results.
  4. Be more entrepreneurial.
  5. Take calculated risks.
  6. Hold others accountable for results.
  7. Deal quickly with performance problems.

Additional top trending coaching areas

  1. Build effective alliances with other organisations.
  2. Genuinely listen to others.
  3. Create and communicate a clear organisational vision.
  4. Is a role model for living the organisation’s values.
  5. Unite organisation into an effective team.
  6. Make decisions that reflect global considerations.
  7. View business from the ultimate customer perspective.
  8. Clearly identify priorities, focus on a vital few.
  9. Build effective partnerships across the company.
  10. Consistently treat people with respect and dignity.
Leadership Development Areas

Leadership Development Areas







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“I have worked with Michael in many situations where his creative approach to getting the most from the team he is coaching adds to both their business skills and personal capabilities.

His relaxed, yet highly motivational, expertise in building a change culture is superb.”

– John Whitworth, Vice President, Sales Effectiveness and Customer Satisfaction at BT

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