Leadership Coaching Process For Our 12 Month No-Gain-No-Fee Programme 

Our leadership coaching process is clear and easy to follow.  It is designed to make sure that the leader will achieve positive change.


Eight simple steps to achieve positive change

  • Checking the candidate’s suitability for the leadership coaching process.
  • Identifying 1-2 leadership growth behaviours that are important for the leader, stakeholders, and the business.
  • The leader selects a number of key stakeholders, including their boss, and boss’s boss, to help coach the leader in an effective, time efficient, way throughout the programme.
  • Stakeholders are asked for feedback and feed-forward once a month.
  • The coach helps the leader consider each of the suggestions and produce an action plan for the next month. This plan is shared with the stakeholders.
  • The leader implements the action plan for the month and repeats the process next month.
  • The coach checks in with the stakeholders, through a brief, confidential survey, to determine and confirm progress. This survey, in part, measures the success of the programme.
  • At the end of the programme, the leader will have developed their own coaching skills and, with the coach’s help, developed a plan to continue their development.
Stakeholder Leadership Coaching. Leadership Coaching Process

Stakeholder Leadership Coaching. Leadership Coaching Process

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“MGSCC helps people to refocus on what is truly important in our lives as leaders and as human beings.

Ultimately it is the human spirit that drives change and growth in an organization. Stakeholder Centered Coaching helps us understand how we can nurture that spirit.”

Chuck Presbury, Director, Executive Learning and Development, Pitney Bowes

“While many experts are effective in creating awareness and interest, MGSCC addresses the topic – personal improvement – in such a way that it kindles the required motivations to drive to action.”

Charles J. Corace, Director, Management Education & Development, Johnson & Johnson  

“I have experienced that the MGSCC program is highly engaging and it teaches practical and actionable ways leaders can get better.”

Jack Stoltzfus, Ph.D., Manager of Talent Development, 3M Company