The Leader’s Responsibilities in Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is not difficult, but it is not always a comfortable experience. To get the most from leadership coaching requires ambition, courage, openness, and discipline.

The unique difference with Stakeholder Leadership Coaching is the involvement of the leader’s stakeholders in coaching the leader and reviewing his/her progress.  This requires a touch of courage and openness from the leader. They need to be willing to try new behaviours, even if they are uncomfortable.  The coach is there to support and encourage throughout the process.

The leader’s responsibilities

  • Pick 1-2 behaviours as leadership growth areas that they are committed to improve.
  • Share the choice with all stakeholders, and ask to be evaluated on these behaviours from this date forward, not the past.
  • Once a month, ask for feedback from all stakeholders.
  • Ask each stakeholder for feedforward (suggestions) once a month and write down what is suggested without commenting.
  • Respond to all feedback and suggestions with a genuine “thank you”.
  • Keep the coach informed regarding feedback and feedforward suggestions from stakeholders.
  • Try new behaviours, even if they feel uncomfortable.
  • Practice / rehearse with the coach any key interactions associated with the monthly action plan.
  • Be willing to ask for help from all stakeholders.
  • Instigate a Quarterly Progress Review.
Stakeholder Leadership Coaching. The Leader's responsibilities

Stakeholder Leadership Coaching. The Leader’s Responsibilities

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