The Coach’s Responsibilities in Leadership Coaching

The coach’s responsibilities include using their experience to guide and support the leader during the 12 month coaching programme.

The coach’s role in leadership coaching involves facilitiating the process and making sure it runs smoothly. They also collect information from the stakeholders about the success of the programme.  Their coaching experience supports the leader throughout the process.

The coach’s responsibilities throughout the leadership coaching process

  • Helping the client develop realistic and effective monthly action plans for leadership growth.
  • Assisting the client with choosing the most appropriate stakeholders.
  • Setting up meetings (by phone or in person) for the upcoming months.
  • Returning voice calls or e-mail within 24 hours (unless already booked unavailability).
  • Providing guidance that fits the client’s needs and aligns with the business.
  • Provide appropriate encouragement, reinforcement, and support.
  • Pushing the client when needed by playing the role of their behavioural conscience.
  • Providing the client with resources associated with implementing their action plan.
  • Acting as a positive role model for receiving feedback – asking how they are doing as a coach.
  • Fulfilling all agreed-upon expectations as a coach.
Stakeholder Leadership Coaching. The Coach's Responsibilities

Stakeholder Leadership Coaching. The Coach’s Responsibilities

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