Coaching Research – Improving the Value from Corporate Coaching

How do we get better value from corporate coaching?


Michael’s coaching research in conjunction with Dr Dorota Bourne of The Henley Business School explores a number of themes to improve the value that organisations can receive from coaching.

Do you think that you could contribute to our coaching research? We are always looking for more insights from people with real experience of corporate coaching. We are also interested in your ideas for our next research project. Please contact  Michael Beale or Dr Dorota Bourne.

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Current Coaching Research Project

In 2017, Michael and Dorota have been developing their research to look at ways to improve corporate coaching and make it more widely available in organisations. They are at phase 2 of the work, which involves finding out from HR and other coaching professionals what they think are the key elements to a successful coaching programme.

If you would like to contribute, please complete the questions below using our online survey after reading the summary of our findings to date. See: Coaching Value Research. It takes no more than 15 minutes to complete the reading and the survey.

  • Define the essence of coaching in 3 words.
  • What are the key drivers for coaching?
  • What are the key blockers for coaching?
  • What’s important when setting up a coaching programme?

Your answers will be completely anonymised and confidential, so please be as open as you can.

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If you would like to know more about our coaching research and/or prefer to answer the questions verbally (or to discuss them), please book a slot in Michael’s diary:

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Previous Coaching Research Project

Further Insights in increasing the Value of Corporate Coaching | Executive Summary

This is the executive summary of our 2015 paper. You can download the full paper at the end.

A corporate coaching programme can bring big improvements in company profitability and employee satisfaction. This white paper will help you provide high value corporate coaching. It provides solutions for the six key factors you need to consider when setting up a coaching programme:

  • The anticipated benefit from the programme.
  • Where the company is on the ‘coaching readiness curve’.
  • Who to coach.
  • The basic coaching process(es).
  • Who does the coaching.
  • The systems to support the coaching process and measure progress.

We get what we focus on. It seems obvious to focus on measurable value to both the individuals being coached and the organisation when setting up and implementing a coaching programme.

Obvious, but it’s certainly not easy, and it’s understandable that many companies don’t even try. The truth is that it is much easier not to try. In the short term, this avoids challenging questions for the programme owner, HR, the coach, the coaching provider, the coaching client and the company itself.

However, in the longer term, this approach means the loss of significant opportunities to improve coaching programmes.

A further benefit of effective measurement is that you can employ coaches on a results basis.You only pay when the client has achieved or exceeded the results originally agreed. This significantly reduces your risk in any programme.

In many ways it’s similar to running a company change programme: preparation is key. The better the programme is set up, the more it focusses on delivering value, the more the difficult and contentious issues are socialised, discussed and agreed, so the cleaner is the implementation and the better are the results.

Coaching programme owners who want to offer real value will find this white paper useful for providing a coaching framework that they can adapt for their company in differing contexts.

© Michael Beale 2015

Download the complete White Paper here: Further Insights in Increasing the Value of Corporate Coaching

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Coaching Research

Coaching Research

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Past Coaching Research

2015 Research

Further Insights into Increasing the Value of Corporate Coaching

This research builds on our  2014 White Paper How to Increase the Value of Corporate Coaching.

This research updates and adds details to the questions that need to be asked when setting up a programme, and helps you assess where your company is on the Coaching Readiness Curve.

It also gives some simple steps to improve the return you receive from your programmes depending upon where you are on the curve.

Download 2015 PDF

2014 Research

How to Increase the Value from Corporate Coaching.

  • Why is coaching becoming more important?
  • The importance of alignment and transparency.
  • Leadership development areas.
  • Questions to ask to improve the return on corporate coaching.
  • How we can help you with improving the value of your corporate coaching.

Download 2014 PDF

2012 Research

Measuring Coaching | An Opportunity and a Threat.

The key finding from our work with 50 HR directors was that most organisations aren’t  measuring coaching  effectively.

A number of approaches were emerging that had the potential to improve the measurement and quality of coaching programmes. However, these processes required buy in from the individuals being coached and their stakeholders, as well as the use of appropriate systems. In addition, it became clear that accurate measurement was not always  welcomed by some individuals in the coaching supply chain.

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Previous Coaching Research

Corporate Coaching Programmes – What Questions to Ask?