Coaching Fees – How Much Does Coaching Cost? What’s your investment?

We want you to get real value from your coaching. When it’s set up correctly, coaching brings a high personal and financial return on your investment.

We recognise that the best executive coaching is a real financial outlay. However, the coaching investment is best considered alongside what you want to achieve and what that’s worth to you. The greatest investment in any coaching engagement is our client’s time and energy. The investment in the coaching programme is normally insignificant in relation to the results achieved.

We want you to get real value from coaching, that’s the reason we offer a series of no charge sessions to help you work through the possible value of any coaching programme before making the commitment to proceed. Doing this makes it easier to ensure the programme is set up effectively – which in turn makes it much more likely that you’ll achieve the anticipated results.

We work on two main payment models

a) Pay by results. You only pay us if you’ve achieved what you set out to achieve based on pre-agreed measures.

b) Monthly payment. You only pay if you’re happy that you’re getting value from the programme. You can cancel at anytime with just one month’s notice.

So you are only making a financial commitment based on results. In both models we expect you complete any tasks you’ve committed to and to commit to and demonstrate a degree of ambition to succeed, courage, discipline and openness.

We offer coaching ourselves and/or can introduce you to a network of 2500 coaches worldwide.

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CEOs and Senior Leaders

For CEOs and senior leaders, we offer three different coaching programmes to develop leadership skills.  They range from the year-long MGSCC programme, our bespoke NLP coaching programme and combinations of both. Please get in touch to discuss what you want to achieve, so we can agree which approach will be the best for your organisation.

  • Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching programme with a No Gain. No Fee Guarantee. This programme can be run internationally using the MGSCC network. The programme last for 12 months and usually start at  £25K-£35k, depending on the situation.
  • Stakeholder coaching. Our 9 month programme is offered for a total investment of £15k, paid monthly.
  • Bespoke NLP programmes. These are designed specifically for your needs. The investment is £5K-10k a year, paid monthly.

Executive Team Coaching

We also offer team coaching with a minimum of 6 people per team. The programmes available range from international team coaching using the MGSCC network to our NLP team coaching programme.  The coaching cost is per person.

  • Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Team Coaching programme with a No Gain. No Fee Guarantee. This programme can be run internationally using the MGSCC network. The programme lasts for 12 months and the investment is £20k per team member.
  • Stakeholder team coaching programme This programme lasts for 9 months and the total investment is £10k per person, paid monthly.
  • NLP performance builder team coaching. This programme lasts for 9 months. The total investment is £5k per person, paid monthly.

High Performance Professionals (Individual Coaching)

For high performing and high potential individuals in your organisation, you may consider individual coaching.  We provide these programmes internationally using Skype.

  • A 12 month programme with a No Gain No Fee Guarantee. Total investment £10k.
  • A 12 month programme,  total investment £6K, paid monthly.
  • A 6 month programme, total investment £2.1k, paid monthly.

Where we don’t offer a No Gain No Fee Guarantee, we charge monthly to reduce your risk. You can cancel at any time with one month’s notice. You only continue as long as you’re happy receiving great value.


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Discovery Programmes

Before settling for any of the programmes we offer, please take advantage of our no charge discovery sessions. We offer a skill building workshop for team coaching, so you can experience what will be involved. For individual coaching, we strongly advise you/your client takes up the offer of 3 no charge discovery sessions so that you can decide on the right programme.


How much does coaching cost?

How much does coaching cost? Discover the value before commiting.








About Us

Executive Coaching Global are based in Milton Keynes in the UK and offer Skype coaching internationally. We can also introduce you to 2500 coaches in the MGSCC network worldwide.

Contact Details

Michael Beale, Executive Coaching Global, 120 Porthcawl Green, Milton Keynes MK4 3AL, United Kingdom.

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Leadership Coaching

Our internationally proven Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching® Leadership Programs help leaders to achieve what they and their stakeholders want, with a no growth, no pay guarantee. 

Programmes can be local, national and international.

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Team Coaching

Team coaching is a highly effective, cost efficient way of developing the team leader and the team, whilst strongly aligning them to their stakeholders, with a no growth, no pay guarantee. 

Programmes can be local, national and international.

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Individual Coaching 

For high potential individuals we offer a series of NLP and Stakeholder Coaching programmes.

We start with 3 No Charge Discovery Sessions, so you can evaluate how you would benefit and whether we’re a good fit.

Culture Change

We can combine our leadership, team and individual coaching to produce an exceptionally effective and measureable culture change programme.

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Coaching Research

We’re working in conjunction with the Henley Business School to explore how companies can increase the value they receive from coaching. Read more: Coaching Research.

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What Others Say

“Michael is an excellent executive coach to work with.

He is very skillful and experienced in using Marshall’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching process and brings in a wealth of experience and coaching tools as well. And in true Marshall style he is very committed to deliver measurable leadership growth based on No Growth, No Pay for yearlong coaching programs.

He delivers excellent value during every leadership development programme.

– Will Linssen, MGSCC Master Certified Coach & Practice Leader for APAC & Europe  

“I have worked with Michael in many situations where his creative approach to getting the most from the team he is coaching adds to both their business skills and personal capabilities.

His relaxed, yet highly motivational, expertise in building a change culture is superb.”

– John Whitworth, Vice President, Sales Effectiveness and Customer Satisfaction at BT

“Working with Marshall Goldsmith – Stakeholder Centered Coaching has been highly engaging.

We learnt practical and actionable ways for leaders to get better”


– Jack Stoltzfus, Ph.D. , Manager of Talent Development, 3M Company


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