What is Coaching?

Coaching will give you the tools and confidence to achieve your objectives and reach your goals.

So, what is coaching?  Coaching is a one-to-one (1:1) intervention that aims to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.  A good coach will help you work out what your end goals are and show you how to empower yourself to reach them.  As it is 1:1, the coach can design an approach that works for you.  Their broad experience means they know a wide range of techniques or can develop new ones specifically suited to your personality and situation.  In this way, the coach makes sure you get the maximum learning from the event.

A good coach needs the attitude and skills to help you significantly while having no formal authority over you in the way a manager has.  For this relationship to work, you need to buy-into and take responsibility for your development.

Coaching is different to other interventions, and each has different strengths for different circumstances.  A good coach will always know when to recommend something to supplement their own coaching, or indeed, when their own services are not appropriate.

Other interventions that your coach may suggest include:

  • What is Coaching?

    What is Coaching?

    Counselling.  This helps you with personal problems such as depression or anxiety.

  • Consulting. This tries to find a solution to a problem.  You do not need to understand how the solution works, but you do have to be able to implement it.
  • Letting people go.  In the long run, if you and the organisation do not ‘fit’ then it may be better for both parties for you to move on.
  • Leading.  As a leader you develop empowering visions and communicate them to your colleagues while being a role model towards those visions.  There may be some need for you to manage your managers – a subtle skill!
  • Mentoring.  A mentor is someone who has already succeeded in similar situations and who is willing to share their experience with you.
  • Managing.  Management involves allocating resources to specific goals and monitoring the progress.  It will involve leading, telling, teaching, and coaching.
  • Teaching.  This is where you are told about a subject and given tests to make sure the information has been retained.
  • Telling. You are told what to do to achieve your objectives.

A good coach will use a coaching style, but will include elements of any or all of the above interventions to help you reach your goals.

  • See What is Coaching on Wikipedia. (Link opens in new window).


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What is Coaching?

What is Coaching?