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We offer  coaching individual, business and corporate coaching programmes and  membership to our innovative entrepreneurs community

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Coaching and Mentoring Programmes

Our broad range of executive coaching and mentoring programmes are tailored to suit individual clients. We can help with every stage of a company programme and even show you how to measure the return on your investment.

Coaching and Mentoring Programmes

Leadership Coaching

Key elements in the MGSCC process

Leadership Coaching
Coaching Process
Leadership Development Areas
Stakeholders Role
Leaders Role
Coaches Role


Team Coaching

Key elements in the MGSCC Process

Team Coaching
Team Coaching Process
Team Development Areas
Team Sponsor Role
Team Leader Role
Coaches Role
When Might Team Coaching Not Work?


Stakeholder Centred Coaching

Stakeholder Centred Coaching

Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Stakeholder Centered Coaching



All EBCN Coaches have a proven business track record, external coaching accreditation, EBCN accreditation and appropriate supervision and on-going development

Ania Lichota | Executive Coach
David Regler | Business Coach
Edmund Hill | Financial Coach
Joanna Brown | Executive Coach and Mentor
Jon Baker | Executive Coach
Manish Gohel | Transition Coach
Marianna Beckwith | Creative Coach and Mentor
Mike Jones | Executive Coach
Peter Barnett | Business Coach
Peter Parkes | Executive Coach
Michael Beale | Executive Coach | Director EBCN

Entrepreneurs Community and Open Meetings

Michael has launched an innovative, cloud based networking and support community for high calibre entrepreneurs. Using online and face-to-face methods, members can build professional networks across the world in a highly effective and low-cost way.

Michael’s Entrepreneur Community

NLP CPD Workshops

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Adding Your End Goals to the CoachingCloud Platform

Adding Goals to CoachingCloud

Coaching Videos

Getting Value From Coaching

Coaching index

Coaching Video 1 | Getting Value from coaching
Coaching Video 2 | What is coaching?
Coaching Video 3 | End goals, direction and purpose,
Coaching Video 4 | Where are we now?
Coaching Video 5 | A simple plan
Coaching Video 6 | Follow up
Coaching Video 7 | A sounding board
Coaching Video 8 | Overcoming blocks
Coaching Video 9 | The secret ingredient
Coaching Video 10 | Final thoughts


1:1 NLP Training

(See our sister site Business NLP Training Ltd)

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Free Objective Setting
NLP Video
NLP pdfs

NLP Training Courses
NLP Practitioner Training
NLP Business Practitioner Training
Business Master Practitioner
NLP Coach Practitioner


Indemnity Insurance

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Westminster Indemnity

Westminster Indemnity

Indemnity Insurance 


NLP and Coaching Articles and Podcasts

Business Development
Change Management
Coaching Case Studies
Coaching (Interviews with top Coaches)
Cold Calling
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Hypnosis (Top NLP and Hypnosis Trainers)
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Executive Coaching Global Sitemap

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