Peter Barnett | Business Coach

Peter Barnett coaches individuals and companies to generate new business leads.

Peter Barnett

Peter Barnett

Peter has worked in sales and business development for over 20 years and has worked in a range of sectors including Property, Insurance, IT and Construction. He has worked with both large corporates including Cornhill Insurance, GE Capital as well as independent companies  such as Frosts Landscape Construction Ltd.

He has used many different strategies to develop business including: Tendering, Relationship Building, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Telesales, Mail shots including Email and Building Sales Channels.

Many businesses fail because they don’t generate enough sales even though they may have a fantastic product or service. Peter can help businesses find the right strategy to enable it to thrive.

The business development service incorporates all of the activities that can generate new business including; Advertising (paper based and online) Mail shots, Telesales, Networking, Tendering and Sales Channels.
Location: Milton Keynes, United Kingdom


+44 (0)7590 197094


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