Getting Value From Coaching Video 2


Getting Value From Coaching

Video 2. What is Coaching? This is the second part of a series of 10 videos.

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Coaching Index

Coaching Video 1 | Getting Value from coaching
Coaching Video 2 | What is coaching? (This video)
Coaching Video 3 | End goals, direction and purpose,
Coaching Video 4 | Where are we now?
Coaching Video 5 | A simple plan
Coaching Video 6 | Follow up
Coaching Video 7 | A sounding board
Coaching Video 8 | Overcoming blocks
Coaching Video 9 | The secret ingredient
Coaching Video 10 | Final thoughts


This executive coaching video explores the topic ‘What is Coaching’:

Their is a similarity between coaching and the originally purpose of coaches

  • Help clients clarify where they want to get to (A)
  • Help clients clarify where they are now (B)
  • Help clients get from (B) to (A)

The video considers the difference between training, coaching, consulting and mentoring. A coach helps his or her client find their own best solution.

Most use good coaches will mostly use a coaching style, however when appropriate will be flexible and use one of the alternative approaches.


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