Coaching Benefits

Coaching benefits include a positive effect upon your results, along with an increase in personal satisfaction.  Coaching helps you overcome any short term blocks.


There are two parts to measuring coaching benefits – the clear outcomes, or quantitative benefits, and the less tangible results, or qualitative benefits.  These latter benefits may have the greater impact upon your performance. They become quantitative when you have a way of measuring them.


Quantitative Coaching Benefits

These benefits depend upon the situation.   If the aim of the coaching is to get you from where you are now (A) to where you want to be (B) then there are three things to consider:

1)     Did you get to B or perhaps further?  If so, what is that worth?

2)     Did coaching help you get there or would you have arrived anyway?  What contribution did coaching make?

3)     Did your goal of B change along the journey?  How was that a good thing?  What part did coaching play in this change?

Before starting any coaching, either corporate or individual, you need to decide how you will measure the outcomes.  Thinking through your goals before starting is also very useful to the coaching process itself.


Qualitative Coaching Benefits

More discipline is needed to measure coaching’s other benefits.  They are, however, very real and they include:

 Personal benefits of coaching

  • Having a clear career plan and seeking development opportunities to achieve it.
  • Achieving or exceeding work objectives.
  • A better work / life balance.
  • Feeling happier and more motivated.
  • Better relationships within and outside work.
  • Improved health.

Corporate benefits of coaching

  • Staff performance levels increase.
  • Under-performing employees change or leave.
  • Productivity increases.
  • Better and more productive stakeholder management.
  • Organisational change is swifter and easier to achieve.
  • Potential senior managers are easier to identify.
  • Sickness absence levels fall.
  • People feel valued and want to remain with the company.
  • Learning and development becomes a natural part of the culture.


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Coaching Benefits

Coaching Benefits