Ania Lichota | Executive Coach

Ania specialises in senior level international executive coaching

Ania Lichota

Ania Lichota

Ania’s life motto: ‘Success is a by-product of who you really are.’

Her unique experience as an accomplished, international senior executive, extreme adventurer, published author, philanthropist and a public speaker instils her clients with confidence and courage to step out of their comfort zone and step up to inspiring leadership.

Ania has:

  • worked as a Country Manager, COO, Senior Sales Director, Senior Integration Leader and Global Transformation Executive
  • built, restructured and grew businesses in 16 countries in four languages
  • climbed the highest peak on every continent including Mt. Everest
  • written a Top rated motivational book (despite her dyslexia)
  • been on the board of The Attlee Foundation, All Bar None, City Women Club and chairs a large charity in London
  • built two schools in Nepal for over 300 kids
  • received multiple international awards for her outstanding leadership and contribution
  • done inspirational talks on TEDx and as a key-note speaker

Ania works with executives in a number of sectors globally. Among recent clients are: ACCA, Pernod-Ricard, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC, UBS, Eaton, AMEX, Teleflex and CEO entrepreneurs and of charities.

Recent Coaching Assignments

  • Team coaching of Trading and Sales Leaders: transition from ‘A’ class individual performers to team leaders; removing limiting beliefs and instilling what is actually possible.
  • Organisational Transformation Leader: improving her personal influencing strategies and organizational profile to move a large finance organization from apathy into action.
  • Team coaching of Senior Sales Leaders: transforming mind-set from ‘me’ to ‘team’ and creating a growth engine for the firm.
  • Head of FISC Middle Office: developing a coaching leadership style and a vision for a new function in a complex matrix organization.
  • Triple entrepreneur: clarifying his personal and multi-business vision to lead teams into the unknown with confidence; being unstoppable and drawing on the passion of an ex-top league athlete.
  • Executive Head Hunter: re-setting thinking for unlimited professional growth resulting in increasing $ productivity by 40%.
  • CEO of a large charity: leading a turnaround, engaging volunteers, creating a compelling vision, prioritising key initiatives and most of all – making things happen.
  • Team coaching of Senior Sales and Marketing executives: clarifying their pan-European strategic thinking and increasing team cohesion.

Educational and Professional Qualifications

  • PhD (DL), International Leadership, Rushmore University, US
  • MBA (DL), Rushmore University, US
  • MSc, Social and Organisational Psychology, LSE, UK
  • MSc, Management and Marketing, University of Szczecin, Poland
  • Executive Coaching Training, TELEOS Leadership Institute, US
  • ICF Certified Coach
  • Emotional Intelligence Profiling, JCA – Occupational Psychologists, UK
  • NLP – Practitioner, PPI, UK
  • Self-awareness and Leadership Training, Landmark Education, UK
  • Global Leadership Development Program, General Electric, US
  • Quality Leader, Black Belt, Change Acceleration Program accredited, GE, US

Ania is passionate about personal transformation; she gives inspirational and keynote talks. She re-charges in nature and very high mountains. She is writing her second book.

TEDx talks: Why the hell Bother!? and rebuild Yourself to rebuild the WORLD

Book: Why the hell Bother?! How climbing the Seven Summits changed my life.


Contact Information

Mobile: +44 (0) 758 4014 968
Tel: +44 (0) 203 4780 480