Adding Visions and Focus Areas to the MasterMind Community

The first step in joining the Community is to add your visions (end goals) and focus areas. What will make a difference to your business? Your life? It’s important to start. You can change what you’ve put up at any time


How to Start:

Decide on between 2 and 5 visions or end goals that will make a difference to you.

Mastermind Community

Mastermind Community

What will really make a difference to your business? Your life? Many clients carry this out as a paper exercise before adding them to the community on the CoachingCloud platform. Simply write out 2 to 5 visions:

a) name
b) brief  description
c)  and then 2-5 milestones focus areas for each (these can be milestones, focus area or short term actions

This is part of the ‘Dare to Dream’ phase. You can change what you want to work on at any time, they are not set in stone. We’ve found it best to choose some goals, put them on the platform and change and or refine them later. The process is iterative. The important thing is to start.

Spend a few moments thinking about what it might be like to have achieved these goals? What might you see, hear, and feel when you’ve achieved them? What does having achieved them do for you?

Want some help? Choose the contact method that works for you:

  • Telephone + 44 (0) 7944 388621 with your name, how to reach you, and the reason for the call
  • Book a telephone or Skype consultation in Michael’s on-line diary
  • Complete our contact form.


Adding Visions and End Goals to the MasterMind Community


1. Set up your Entrepreneur Community account on the CoachingCloud platform.

Currently I have to invite you and you’ll receive an email confirmation. Follow the instructions on the link on the email, and you’ll quickly set up an account.

You may find it easier to start with a blank sheet of paper, and on it write out 2-5 end goals with 2-5 milestones or focus areas for each. Its then easy to add them to the platform using the instructions below. Note:

1) Its best to get your first thoughts up and then refine them later

2) It maybe useful to have a coach talk you through the process


2 Adding your Vision(s). (We sometimes call them end goals)

Click ‘Vision’ on the black menu bar on the left hand side.
Press the green ‘Create’ a vision button, this is on the top right hand side. Select ‘Basic Template’.
Add the name of your first vision in field one, where it says ‘give your vision a title’.
You can choose (or not) to add a short description of your vision in field two, where it says ‘describe your vision’.
Ignore (for now) the button ‘What does this relate to’.
Give yourself a score for ‘How satisfied are you with actions regarding this vision’ by sliding the slider button.
We strongly recommend you upload a picture, although you can do so later.
Press the green button ‘Create a Vision’.


3. Adding Focus (s) to your vision. (We sometimes call them milestones.)

A focus area can be either a milestone, an area to focus on, or a short term action that will help you reach your vision.

Press ‘Focus’ on the black menu on the left hand side. Click on the 3 vertical dots on the top right hand side. Select the ‘Vision’ you want to add a focus area.

(You can also navigate to add  ‘focus areas’ for a vision by clicking on vision, then on individual vision, then ‘focus on items for this vision’ which is on the top right hand side under current focus. Its a grey box.)

Type in your focus in the top field where it says ‘add an item to focus on’ then press enter. You have now added a focus item. Repeat for further items. Ignore the tick and the eye sign for now.
You can (if you want) add ‘action items’ for each focus area by clicking on the ‘add check-list’ on the right hand side.
Later, when you’ve completed a focus area, and it’s no longer relevant, you may want to click on the tick (mark as completed) symbol.

NB Currently you move any focus area to the top by clicking on the eye (focus on an item) symbol, at this stage please un-click them when you’ve finished as clicking them affects how they appear on the vision wall. They will now appear in the ‘current focus’ vision wall and not the ‘planned’ vision wall. We use the ‘planned’ vision wall as the main screen in our coaching and want to view all current focus areas when we review visions. We therefore suggest you only use the highlight current focus facility when you (and if relevant) your are coach 100% happy with your progress and you understand the system.

Congratulations, you have now linked focus area to your visions Adding further visions and focus area is easy, simply repeat the process.


4. Adding your profile


(Please note you can connect with your LinkedIn profile, so you do not have to complete a separate profile.)


5. Connecting with Michael (and others)

Press ‘One-to-One’ on the black menu bar on the left hand side.
Press the red ‘add contact’ button, at the bottom right of your screen.
In the box that opens add your colleague’s first name, last name, and email address.(eg Michael Beale
Press the green ‘invite to connect’ button on the right hand side. Your colleague will get an email enclosing a link for them to activate.
This enables you to share your visions, individually to one or more of your connections.

6. Sharing your visions

To share your vision (s) with a colleague you must already be connected to the individual (ie you have invited them, and they have accepted. Or vice versa.) To share your vision, click on each vision,  add the individual’s name in the ‘Share this vision box’, which appears on the right hand side of the screen. Click on their name when it appears. Initially please share your visions with me, Michael Beale, and if you want share with anyone else. If (and only if) you want your vision to be accessed by anyone (it may appear in Google’s listings), press the green ‘Make Public’ button.

If you’re happy to, we recommend sharing your vision (s) with the Entrepreneur Mastermind community. It will then appear on the communities vision wall.


Entrepreneur MasterMind Community

Entrepreneur MasterMind Community