Executive Coaching and Mentoring in Milton Keynes

Executive, Leadership and Team Coaching and Mentoring in Milton Keynes

Why us for your executive and leadership coaching and mentoring?

  1. We’re based in Milton Keynes – a thriving and growing city with excellent transport links to the rest of the UK.
  2. We off three genuinely free discovery sessions together with a Global Leader Self Assessment. This gives you the opportunity to confirm how well we work together (or not), identify what you might want to work on and the potential value to you and your organisation. We’ve found that these discovery sessions significantly increase the value clients receive from our programmes.
  3. We work with individuals and teams separately and together, and can combine programmes to enable significant performance improvement and culture change.
  4. We’re results focused. We offer a ‘No Growth, No Pay’ option on the majority of our programmes. This means we only get paid after 12 months if your stakeholders confirm, by confidential survey, that you’ve improved in the pre-agreed areas. In return we ask you to commit to completing agreed actions.
  5. We have access to a global network of 2500 high calibre executive coaches and can work individually and/or put together a local, national or international development programme.
  6. We use the latest technology. In addition to meeting face to face, we use Skype and the CoachingCloud coaching and mentoring platform.
  7. You have priority access to Michael’s online diary throughout any programme.
  8. Our clients enjoy working with us.


What’s required from our clients

Being coached is as much of a skill as coaching and as part of our programmes we demonstrate how you can get the most value from coaching and mentoring and how to coach yourself.

All of our clients who demonstrate the following characteristics get a high return from coaching.

  1. Are ambitious to succeed.
  2. Have a degree of of courage, openness and discipline.
  3. Commit to doing whatever they’ve agreed.
  4. Commit at least a minimum amount of time and focus to their development.

We work to these guidelines ourselves.


How our clients benefit from coaching and mentoring

We start with what our clients want to achieve and build from that. Clients tell us they particularly benefit from:

  1. Having a safe space to clarify what they want and how to achieve it.
  2. Access to a number of proven coaching and performance improvement processes
  3. Executive education in a number of key capability areas.
  4. Being able to think through and rehearse key decisions, meetings and presentations.
  5. Being held accountable (respectfully) to ensure their own development.

Our priority is to help our clients achieve the results they want. While our focus is strongly coaching orientated, we will use a mix of coaching and mentoring, executive education, and consulting as required.


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