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Join other Milton Keynes professionals in becoming more successful and fulfilled by creating positive change.

95% of leaders who use stakeholder centered coaching improve their effectiveness, when measured by their stakeholders.

Executive Coach and Executive Coaching In Milton Keynes

Executive Coach and Executive Coaching In Milton Keynes

Working with great professionals here in Milton Keynes and across the world.

We run international leadership and executive coaching programmes, with clients in the UK and across the globe. Our programmes run for between 3 and 12 months, and are available face-to-face in Milton Keynes, or online 1:1 to suit your needs and availability. We offer coaching for CEOs and leaders, teams, and individuals.

All our programmes come with three No Charge Discovery Sessions so you can find out what executive coaching is like, how you can benefit and if we’re exactly right for you.

Free Leadership Assessment and Discovery

In addition to our free discovery sessions, for a limited time we’re offering a free self leadership assessment and discovery. Find out how you perform across 72 competence items in 15 key leadership competency groups compared with a normalised group of world leaders across six continents. This is the start of a process to confirm your strengths and identify some areas that might need improvement. The questions are the result of extensive research. See Leadership Assessment.

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Executive and Leadership Coaching

We run our internationally proven Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching® Leadership Programs online across the world as well as here in Milton Keynes.  Working with CEOs and senior leaders for 12 months, we help them achieve what they and their stakeholders want, with a no growth, no pay  guarantee.

Take advantage of our three No Charge Discovery Sessions to introduce you to the experience of leadership coaching. Please read our Leadership Coaching page and find out more with a free 45 minute exploratory call.

Team Coaching 

Would your team’s performance significantly improve if they genuinely worked together? Team Executive Coaching Milton Keynes is a highly effective, cost efficient way of developing the team leader and the team, whilst strongly aligning them to their stakeholders, with a no growth, no pay guarantee. Programmes can be in your offices in Milton Keynes, or at an outside centre. We offer three No Charge Discovery Sessions for you to experience how our team coaching works. Book a free Skype / telephone session to find out more, and please read our Team Coaching page.

Individual Coaching and Mentoring

For high potential individuals, we offer a series of coaching and mentoring programmes. We start with three No Charge Discovery Sessions and a leadership assessment so you can evaluate how you would benefit and whether we are a good fit. Book your first 45 minute exploratory Skype / telephone session to find out more.





Marshall Goldsmith coaching process

Michael is a certified MGSCC coach and is able to offer a no growth, no pay guarantee for leadership and team coaching. You can find out more by watching our stakeholder coaching video series.

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About Milton Keynes: We’re one of the fastest growing cities in Europe and major business names have offices here. We’re home to global brands Santander and Mercedes Benz. Network Rail is building its prestigious new headquarters here – a major win for us. And we’ve got Red Bull Racing. Everything we do supports development, funding and new ideas. With private investment projects valued at more than £1 billion currently in progress, it’s definitely the environment to thrive in. Five businesses move into Milton Keynes or expand in the city every month.

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