Business Coaching Delivers Measurable Benefits

We’ve 15 years of experience in helping business owners achieve the results they want. We work on all with aspects of business review, purpose/motivation, strategy, business development and team working.


 Clients use our business coaching to:

  • Start a business or new division.
  • Improve business performance and results.
  • Improve engagement and alignment.
  • Create and implement succession plans.
  • Increase their enjoyment and effectiveness.
  • Reduce time in the business.
  • Work through important decisions and rehearse critical meetings

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50% Pay on Results

Our programmes range from £5K to £15K for a 6 month assignment, we normally charge 50% upfront and 50% on achieving the results we agree between us at the start of the programme. This means we have a vested interest in you achieving the results you want. In return we expect you to commit to any agreed actions.

How we work

We’ve found the biggest indicators of success business coaching are:

  • Clarifiying where you are now.
  • Specifying what you want and the value to you of achieving it.
  • When we’re straight with each other and enjoy working together.

We’re prepared to invest our time at the beginning of any engagement to ensure these are in place. We’ll be then able to let you know:

  • The scope and success factors of any programme
  • What needs to be done.
  • The measurement criteria.
  • Coaching support to ensure any changes are implemented and maintained.


Discover Business Coaching:

Find out how business coaching can help you. We offer a free, no-obligation, 45 minute Skype or telephone session to help you work out how you can develop your business and determine how open you are to business coaching.

Also, for appropriate clients, we’re currently offering a free 360 with your key people or your key customers. We’ll then suggest a number of business programme options that will work for you.

Book a free 45 minute call now

Book a free call now

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David Regler

Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire

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Michael Beale

Milton Keynes, London, Oxford, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire

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 “Michael is an absolutely joy to work with. I so appreciate and am impressed with his rare mix of creative thinking, practical business wisdom and depth/breadth of expertise in achieving accelerated change with individuals and organizations.

In my experience, Michael is a true collaborator that goes the extra mile to be of service and committed to helping others succeed.

I highly recommend Michael to any business owner or executive seeking to go to the next level in his/her success and performance … hands down”

– Denise Concoran, CEO The Empowerment Business, 

 “I have worked with Michael in many situations where his creative approach to getting the most from the team he is coaching adds to both their business skills and personal capabilities.

His relaxed, yet highly motivational, expertise in building a change culture is superb.”

-John Whitworth, Vice President, Sales Effectiveness and Customer Satisfaction at BT 

 “Michael is a great creative thinker.

He is dedicated to providing the best training and coaching services possible to business people and others who want to achieve greater personal and business success”

– Patti Bond, Owner Bond Marketing Communications,